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Education Not Indoctrination

The most important people in a child’s life are their parents. Parents stand with me and:


  • Truly educating our children, preparing them for future success

  • Teaching our children how to think critically in the world in which they live

  • Parents having the right to know what their children are being taught in school

  • Parents having the right to object if they find curriculum offensive, hateful, or divisive​


  • Our children being indoctrinated by ideologues and told what they should think

  • Biological boys competing against biological girls on sports’ teams and sharing locker rooms

  • Social experiments, such as anti-racism and critical pedagogy

  • Ideological crusades, such as socialism

  • Psychological manipulations, such as critical race theory, white privilege, and social emotional learning.


My Expectations for the New GCS Superintendent


• I look for the new superintendent to be knowledgeable not only about traditional educational programs and methods used to teach students to be their best, but also to be conversant with innovative ones that acknowledge new methods and resources may be required to achieve and surpass performance standards set by the State of North Carolina.  

• I expect the new superintendent to support and respect parents and their need to ensure that their child(ren) is(are) being properly educated and treated.  In this regard, to ensure that parents are promptly notified and involved in critical decisions affecting their child(ren), including all discussions about sexual orientation or gender identity in certain grade levels, access to pornographic material and books in certain grade levels, and to be involved in any discussion related to their child’s/children’s health.  If a teacher fails in this regard or openly opposes the superintendent’s requirement to support and respect parents, I expect the superintendent to remove the teacher from that teaching position. 

• I expect the new superintendent to be excited about the job and about being able to help Guilford County students achieve their best to be prepared for their future.

• I expect the new superintendent to be ethical, financially and otherwise, and to require all teachers and administrators to be the same.

• I expect the new superintendent to properly support teachers and administrators, rather than instill fear under threat of termination if they disagree with a particular teaching position.

• I expect the new superintendent to ensure that discipline is fair, even-handed, appropriate for the circumstance, and not metered out based on the student’s skin tone or color.

•  I also expect the new superintendent to refuse to allow any teacher or administrator to engage in political activism in schools to promote or to denigrate any political candidate, platform, party or issue.  In this regard, I expect the new superintendent to enforce existing policy in this regard or prepare new policy along these lines.

•  Moreover, I expect the new superintendent to not only understand the perniciousness of critical race theory and its tenents, but to also refuse to allow such theories to be introduced to any student within any GC school by using social experimentation, psychological manipulation, or ideological crusades.

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