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Demetria Carter Takes Action

March 6, 2022

Candidate for School Board Prevails in Legal Action over Guilford County School Board

Judge Craig, Greensboro Superior Court, 18th Judicial District, ruled in favor of Plaintiff, Demetria Carter, in a hearing held at 11:00 AM, Monday, February 21, on a complaint she filed against the Guilford County Board of Education. Ms. Carter happens to be a candidate for the at-large seat on that Board in the upcoming 2022 elections.

The complaint, numbered 22-cvs-2335, alleged the Board unreasonably denied her entry to two regularly scheduled Board meetings—in December 2021 and in January 2022—after she failed to register to attend the meetings even though there were empty seats available at both meetings.  Judge Craig agreed that the Board’s actions were unreasonable, and, therefore, in violation of the North Carolina “Open Meetings” statute, G.S. 143-318.16(A).  At the end, Judge Craig denied the Plaintiff’s request for a permanent injunction but did grant her request for a declaration that Defendants actions were illegal.

Coincidentally or not, at a 6:00 PM special Board meeting that night to discuss masks in schools, the Board informed all that the Board’s meetings were now open. A peek at their website showed that the requirement to register to attend meetings had been eliminated.